The City as Commons: a Policy Reader


The City as Commons: a Policy Reader, brings together 34 contributions and 31 authors which explore policy options and strategies for creating cities as commons for urban development and transformation. Each contribution explores a different aspect of city commoning and proposes strategies and policy recommendations based on existing projects from around the world. Contributions include:

  1. Design and the City Commons, Marco Bevolo
  2. Active Transit & City Commons: Putting People Back into the City & the City Back into Place, Anthony James
  3. Repurposing Public Spaces in a City as a Commons: the Library, Sandrina Burkhardt
  4. Heritage and City Commons, Marta Botta
  5. Sharing Cities: An Asset-based Approach to the Urban Commons, Darren Sharp
  6. Community Currencies and City Commons, Michael Linton
  7. Time Banks and City Commoning, Teppo Eskelinen
  8. Construction Waste Transformation and City Commons, Scott Boylston
  9. Platform Cooperatives for Democratic Cities, Nathan Schneider
  10. Coworking: Challenges and Opportunities for a Prosperous and Fair New Economy, Julian Waters-Lynch
  11. Orchards and the City as a Commons, Timothy Dolan
  12. Cosmo-localism and Urban Commoning, José Ramos
  13. City Commons and Energy Demand, Josh Floyd
  14. It’s Time to Create Chambers of Commons, David Ronfeldt
  15. Sharing Cities: Governing the City as Commons, Duncan McLaren and Julian Agyeman
  16. Devolved Commons Governance for Cities, David Week
  17. Anticipatory Governance and the City as a Commons, José Ramos
  18. A Civic Union, David Week
  19. Tax Reform for a Commons-based City, Karl Fitzgerald
  20. Tax Delinquent Private Property and City Commons, Paula Z. Segal
  21. Community Land Trusts, Karl Fitzgerald
  22. The City as a Regional Commons, Colin Russo
  23. Open Data and City Commons, Paula Z. Segal
  24. Human Service Directory Data as a Commons, Greg Bloom
  25. The Unseen City: Commons Oriented Cities and the Commons Beyond, Sharon Ede
  26. Culture as Commons, Arlene Goldbard
  27. Ubuntu as a Primer for City Commons, Charles Ikem
  28. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and the City as Commons, Cherie Minniecon
  29. Bologna Celebrates One Year of a Bold Experiment in Urban Commoning, Neal Gorenflo
  30. Milano, New Practices to Booster Social Innovation, Monica Bernardi
  31. The Emergence of Assemblies of the Commons, Maïa Dereva
  32. History and Evolution of the Chamber of Commons Idea, David Ronfeldt with Michel Bauwens
  33. Big Blue Sky: Re-igniting the Art of Citizenship, Christine McDougall
  34. Zaragoza Activa, an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Creativity, in an Old Sugar Factory, Raúl Oliván


Koen Wynants