What is 'Commons Lab Antwerp' (CLA)?

Partnering proces Commons Lab Antwerp

Partnering proces Commons Lab Antwerp

Commons Lab Antwerp is a grassroots, not for profit organization, founded at the end of 2017 in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). It's an experimental citylab investigating 'Antwerp as a commons'; new forms of collaborative city-making that are leading urban areas towards new forms of participatory urban governance, inclusive economic growth and social innovation. It's founded by a few active citizens who will try to partner with social innovators (i.e. active citizens, city makers, digital collaboratives, urban regenerators, community gardeners, etc.), local authorities, businesses, civil society organizations, and knowledge institutions (i.e. schools, universities, cultural institutions, museums, academies, etc.). The ultimate goal is to create a more sustainable, democratic and just city.


Activities 2018

  1. Mapping (identify, inventory, analyze) 100 commoners in Antwerp
  2. Give visibility to the idea of 'the city as a commons'' by  blogging, social media, guided citywalks, ...
  3. Experimental 'commons assemblies'; 'Antwerp garden city', 'Antwerp Bike city'
  4. Visioning 'Antwerp as a commons'
  5. Developing new tools to strengthen commoners in Antwerp ('Commons model canvas').
  6. Creating a Commons Transition Plan for Antwerp
  7. Set-up learning experiments with new projects, structures, strategies, partnerships, ...
  8. Investigate the feasibility of a sustainable Commons lab in Antwerp


Commons Lab Antwerp is inspired by the work of Michel Bauwens/P2P foundation,  the Co-Cities project, LABoratory for the GOVernance of the City as a Commons. CLA is a partner in the European Commons Assembly, an international network and campaing for commoning in society and politics. CLA also participates in the 'Professional training program on urban green space management'- PROGRESS. A European exchange program for professionals and actors of the environment on the management of urban green spaces. CLA is funded by the local 'citizens' budget'. 

Our Office

Dambruggestraat 198

2060 Antwerpen



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